VARO's AI technology can collect, load, and process a variety of data, extract knowledge through learning, convergence serving, and analysis, and link (registration) with domain knowledge
to support the development of solutions throughout the entire period from domain-specific application service development.
In particular, in relation to AI services, various languages such as Python, TensorFlow, and Spark can be used,
and it has the advantage of being able to build a perfect system by weaving all parts.

eduplate 로고 We provide super-personalized services by providing content tailored
to the student's level and learning propensity and providing individual insights to students and tutors
by utilizing various student's education attendance, problem solving, and learning information.

hear ling6 로고 We provide convenient and differentiated personalized service for each individual
by identifying the failure rate and test trend of the user`s hearing aids (hearing aids, cochlear implants), etc.

q Bank 로고 We provide a personalized study mate service that utilizes the difficulty
of the entire test, individual learning achievement, and learning method.


Blockchain technology is already being applied in various industries to each industry, and the discussion on the applicability of blockchain has already ended.
Now, the blockchain technology applied to each industry and service must be able to link without compromising the performance of the existing system.

VARO's blockchain technology introduces a core algorithm that can be commercialized in various industries and services
by overcoming the blockchain trilemma that existing Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS cannot easily solve.

It provides equal opportunities to all nodes to participate, secures security
by randomly selecting nodes, guarantees block-level scalability, and minimizes costs by lowering message complexity.

eduplate 로고 Sensitive information such as personal information and learning information of many teachers and students is managed
based on block chain to support safe and non-forgery-free data management.

hear ling6 로고 Medical information of individual users is personal information with high sensitivity.
We protect the privacy of members through block-based information management that converges the block chain.

q Bank 로고 We safely manage member's learning time, learning data, and problem-solving information by introducing a block chain so that it is not possible to extract or forge without the consent of the members.