Scheduling and learning management studymate service for each student in preparation for tests and evaluations

q Bank 로고

It supports efficient and active learning, breaking away from the existing passive problem solving and test preparation methods,
and supports test preparation suitable for each student's learning level and propensity.

  • Easy test paper production
    by importing existing mock exams or workbooks

  • Manage custom test papers for educators
    by directly entering and storing questions

  • Provide answers to student questions
    or explanations and reward points

  • Manage student grades
    and customized online tests as assignments

  • You can learn customized problems
    by setting your own learning progress & level

  • Reward points for reporting
    incorrect problems or commentary

  • Earn reward points for posting related questions
    or commenting on issues

  • Weakness diagnosis & reinforcement possible
    by matching wrong problems and similar problems

  • You can set your own schedule
    and set the learning progress