A simple hearing test you can easily do at home without going to the hospital

hear ling6 로고

HEAR_LING6 means listening to 6 LING sounds, but it can also be read as healing.
It indicates the meaning of easily testing the LING6 test, which is also used in hearing rehabilitation training,
through a healing service and treating hearing.

What is Ling6 Test?
Ling6 is a specific sound that occurs at a specific voice frequency.

The Hear-Ling6 service supports testing by recording the guardian`s voice directly through the application, and automatically records the test results.

  • from Existing hospital and test it.
    to Conveniently test your method at home

  • Stable testing by recording the voice
    of the closest guardian

  • Test similar to the actual test
    by playing the recorded sound randomly

  • Test results are automatically recorded
    for continuous management