A company that provides an efficient and equitable educational pathway for all

eduplate 로고

EDUPLATE`s logo is in the form of two overlapping circles, light blue and pink.
The light blue circle symbolizes general students and the pink circle symbolizes special students,
and the overlapping two circles are EDUPLATE services
to help “all” students receive fair and convenient education
on the EDUPLATE platform,
and to further blur the boundaries between ordinary students and students with disabilities in learning It expresses the ideology of.

  • Convenient access
    and utilization all in One Platform

  • Stable non-face-to-face lecture support
    via live streaming service

  • Learner/Student`s
    training and progress management

  • Learning Testing and Grade Management
    through question banks, etc.

  • Providing realistic content
    through VR educational content

  • Content for general and disabilities students